New technologies and processes are applied to integrally formed axles
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What are the advantages of disc axles?

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Disc axle disassembly and maintenance is simple,reduce maintenance time,improve vehicle attendance.And better heat dissipation,effectively avoid the phenomenon of heat recession;The brake disc withstands compressive stress and has better crack resistance under continuous braking,and the brake system responds quickly.

Disc axle

The advantages of disc braking are very obvious.Disc braking enables vehicles to have a more reliable braking effect in mountain roads,long downhill slopes and all kinds of complex road conditions.
Braking system and axle complement each other,good axle on driving safety of the impact is self-evident.Good products must have experienced the test of the market,hanging axles is no exception.From the design to the structure of fengbao heavy science disc axle all embody the spirit of craftsman.
Safe and reliable:at present,many dangerous chemicals and cold chain transport vehicles use disc axle,which fully proves its good performance.The axle adopts modular design,which reduces the weight of the whole vehicle by 300 kg.The space is compact and the connection is firm,which effectively eliminates all kinds of stress.
Convenient maintenance:maintenance-free axle maintenance also does not need to remove too many parts,convenient and time-saving,and greatly improve the attendance of the vehicle.The braking system is unreliable,driving is like walking on a cliff,the slightest mistake can have bad consequences,the choice of a good disc axle is good.
Disc axle also adopts integrated alloy brake disc,wear-resisting crack,effective heat dissipation,making the braking distance shorter,safety and reliability higher.Not only that,the brake disc is farther from the hub bearing,which reduces the heating rate of grease and bearing and improves the safety of the vehicle.

Disc axle

Axle is the key part of the trailer,carrying your personal safety,the safety of axle must be better.Henan feng bao heavy industry science and technology co.,LTD.,take the market as the guidance,take the customer as the center,adhere to the"customer first,quality assurance"the concept of development,set a number of independent intellectual property rights of new technology,new process applied in axle overall molding products,through scale and intensive manufacturing,intelligent,automatic,information fusion of three,open the greening of lightweight automotive components manufacturing model of chicken treasure.
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