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Good news!Fengbao Heavy Science and Fengbao Specia

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  On March 18,from henan ecological environment department came the news,henan phoenix treasure heavy industry science and technology limited company and henan phoenix treasure special steel limited company were respectively rated by the provincial ecological environment department casting enterprise A class performance enterprise,iron and steel enterprise B-class performance enterprise.This is a full affirmation of Fengbao Special Steel Group's achievements in environmental protection construction in recent years.It has made a good start for the enterprise in the beginning year of the 14th Five-Year Plan and laid a solid foundation for the smooth operation of the next step.

  Fengbao Special Steel Group always adheres to the road of circular economy with environmental protection as priority,practices the corporate tenet of developing the enterprise and repaying the society,and strives to create a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise.It has been awarded the titles of"Henan Provincial Green Factory"and"Henan Provincial Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Scientific and Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise"and has reached the national advanced level of clean production.In recent years,the company has invested more than 2 billion yuan in the construction of various environmental protection projects,the construction of the international advanced level of activated carbon desulfurization and denitration engineering,Henan Province single-span larger automated raw material greenhouses,iron making,steel making ultra-low discharge transformation projects.Fengbao Heavy Industry Branch is a newly built company.At the beginning of construction,Fengbao Heavy Industry Branch strictly followed the environmental design standards and environmental impact assessment requirements,and set up all production lines with high standards in one step.The Group's main exhaust emissions are installed with online monitoring facilities,and the data are linked to the company's integrated environmental control platform.The road inside the factory and the floor of the workshop are cleaned and cleaned by machinery.
Fengbao heavy branch,Fengbao special steel were rated as environmental protection A-class enterprises and environmental protection B-class enterprises
  Fengbao heavy branch,Fengbao special steel were rated as environmental protection A-class enterprises and environmental protection B-class enterprises
  Fengbao Special Steel Group will continue to respond to the requirements of the national environmental protection policy and high-quality development strategy,continue to increase investment in environmental protection,consolidate the existing achievements,maintain a good corporate image,fully implement the main responsibility of environmental protection,strive to create a new competitive advantage in environmental protection,and achieve green and sustainable development.

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