New technologies and processes are applied to integrally formed axles

Provincial key project service supervision group t

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  On March 24th,more than 10 people from the key project service supervision group of the key project office of henan province came to the key project service supervision of fengbao heavy branch.Yang Hongrui,deputy general manager of fengbao special steel and executive deputy general manager of fengbao heavy branch,accompanied and introduced the relevant situation.
Provincial key project service supervision group to Fengbao heavy branch for key project service supervision

  The supervising group went to the Drive Axle Works Department and Trailer Axle Works Department to check the project progress and trial production.Facing the modern production site,intelligent equipment and advanced technological process,Yang Hongrui introduced to the leaders in detail the provincial key project--Fengbao Heavy Technology Hot Expansion axle project from the planning,equipment ordering,steel structure production,production technology,products,market and so on.
  City leaders such as Li Xizhong accompanied the supervision.

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